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Contract Research

Contract Research

Often the behaviour of an engineering component or process is difficult to quantify.  With over 30 years of experience in analysis, simulation, and testing, Eatec is able to assist in research to establish the underlying physics of a problem and develop methodologies for representing them.  This research can be:

  • Literature searches.
  • Analysing the results of physical testing to develop the relationships between parameters.
  • Optimising solution techniques for computationally challenging applications.
  • Configuring and performing numerical or physical testing to investigate a process or phenomena.

Once the behaviour of a process is understood Eatec has the expertise to translate this into a software application that can be freely distributed throughout your organisation

Examples of previous projects undertaken include:

  • Investigations into the dynamic behaviour of drill bits for the oil and gas industry, and the development of simulation software.
  • Research into the damping effect of different joining methods in thin panel structures.
  • Development of the relationship between the material properties of rubber and its process parameters and composition.
  • Development of a rock fracture model and implementation into a drill bit performance tool.

Working alone, with your engineers, or linking with academic establishments, we are able to offer a broad scientific and engineering knowledge base, and a wealth of experience to enhance your existing capabilities.

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