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Legacy Software

Legacy Software

The maintenance of existing business critical software can present many difficulties.

  • The technical understanding of the application may have been lost through staff or contractor changes.
  • Older command line applications can be clumsy to use or may not work with current operating systems.
  • An application may need moving from a research to a design environment where improved user interfaces are required.
  • Combining mixed programming languages to avoid re-writing.
  • Converting outdated programs to modern development environments.

Through its experience of program development in numerous languages, Eatec is able to offer a code adoption service to clients with legacy software. This service can take the following forms:

  • Complete adoption where Eatec will review and document the code, make any necessary updates to provide the required functionality, and provide on-going support and development.
  • Develop new user interfaces linking to the existing software.
  • Code conversion to a different language.
  • Code review and documentation.

Eatec has experience in the following programing languages, and in combining them in a mixed language applications:

VB.Net, VB6, VBA, Fortran, C, C#, Python, Matlab, Simulink, Java, Basic, Pascal, Algol

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