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Matlab & Simulink

Matlab & Simulink

Many in the scientific and engineering community use Matlab and Simulink for developing simulation tools.  The high level functionality of these products enables powerful applications to be developed quickly and efficiently.

Matlab and Simulink are natural choices when your application requires:

  • Extensive use of standard mathematical operations
  • Matrix manipulation
  • Presentation of complex data
  • Image processing
  • Simulation of dynamic systems
  • Massive data handling
  • Parallel processing

Eatec will work with you in various flexible ways to ensure that you get the solution that best suits your needs:

  • Develop a new applications in the Matlab and Simulink environment
  • Enhance and support an existing application
  • Convert an existing software tool into a Matlab or Simulink application

Having your software tools developed using this powerful and commonly used computing environment will ensure that support is always available into the future.  

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