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Noise & Vibration Measurement

Noise & Vibration Measurement
High noise and vibration levels can be a source of nuisance, affect health and well-being and be a cause of damage to buildings, structures and equipment. Eatec specialises in measuring levels of noise and vibration and assessing the results against national and international standards. Monitoring can be short or long term to suit the individual conditions of the environment.

Noise and vibration are always present when machinery is operated or motion occurs. Problems begin when levels become excessive, affecting structural integrity or human comfort. This requires that some action must be taken. Eatec undertakes noise and vibration testing to quantify magnitudes and assess, where appropriate, against national or international standards. If the levels are unacceptably high, Eatec can configure a test programme designed to understand the cause and make recommendations to overcome the noise and/or vibration problems.

There are many different reasons why it can be necessary to monitor noise and vibration, and include:

  • Ensuring compliance with health & safety requirements in the working environment
  • Assessing comfort levels and other human factors
  • Structural integrity assessments
  • Ensuring compliance with planning requirements or standards
  • Assessing the effects on sensitive equipment and structures

Eatec configures each monitoring exercise to address the particular requirements of the investigation. In some cases this might involve a short site visit to collect representative measurements; in others, an automatic remote monitoring solution might be needed to study trends over long periods of time.

Noise and vibration measurement projects undertaken by Eatec have included:

  • Pipeline monitoring to identify sources of flow induced vibration
  • Noise and vibration levels in offices close to construction sites
  • Effects of wind and waves on a Victorian leisure pier
  • Limiting engine induced vibrations in luxury super-yachts
  • Assessing noise and vibration levels near railways for planning approval
  • Quantifying track induced vibration in rail locomotives
  • Monitoring transport shock and vibration of goods in transit
  • Identifying dynamic loading on ships in heavy seas

Eatec has over 20 years of experience of providing noise and vibration measurement and assessment services, and has assisted many national and international companies.

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