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Noise & Vibration on Ships

Noise & Vibration on Ships
Ships are inevitably places of relatively high levels of noise and vibration. Crew are often required to work for long periods in an environment that could be harmful to health if the proper precautions are not taken. Vibration can result in premature failure of equipment where levels become excessive. Providing there is a good understanding of the sources of noise and vibration on ships and their transmission to working areas, it is usually possible to reduce the input levels or introduce sufficient attenuation to avoid health or equipment problems.

Various codes, standards and European directives limit the noise and vibration in the working areas on board a ship. The older requirements were concerned with sound pressure levels and peak particle velocities, but more recently there has been more focus on exposure values which give consideration to the time spent in different noise and vibration environments.

The design of a ship, with its metal plates and stiffeners, means that any noise or vibration that enters the structure is easily transmitted to other places. Many noise and vibration reduction techniques that could be employed for land based structures are not effective on a ship or boat. Using a combination of measurement and simulation analysis, the true nature of a problem can be understood and the most cost effective solutions proposed.

Eatec supports clients with a range of services, including:

  • Noise and vibration surveys with assessment to the appropriate codes
  • Identification of sources of excessive noise and vibration
  • Guidance and support on the reduction of noise and vibration inputs
  • Guidance and support on noise and vibration attenuation
  • Guidance and support on modifications to resolve equipment failure problems
  • Guidance and support to help comply with statutory requirements

Eatec has over 30 years experience of providing testing services to clients in the military and civilian marine industry.

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