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Shock / Impact Finite Element Analysis Consultants – FEA, UK

Shock and Impact Analysis
Many engineering structures have to be designed to withstand relatively large transient loads. The loadings can represent:

  • Drop testing
  • Impact loading
  • Shock
  • Underwater explosion
  • Blast loading
  • General transient loading

The assessments are normally performed to identify one or more of the following:

  • Peak stress levels
  • Peak deflections, velocities or accelerations
  • Forces carried by mounts or connections

Using finite element analysis (FEA), the response to a shock or transient loading can be determined.

Non linearities can be represented to improve the accuracy of the shock or impact assessment. These can include the elastic/plastic behaviour of the materials, contact, geometric non-linearity or non-linear mount characteristics.

In some projects, the shock and impact analyses identify that the proposed design does not provide the required performance. In these instances, Eatec works with the client to optimise the design in order that it complies with the requirements.

Some projects require that the results from the finite element analysis (FEA) are validated.

Eatec has extensive experience of performing impact and shock testing, and assessing the calculated results against measured values.

Eatec has over 30 years experience of providing finite element analysis (FEA) consultancy services to a wide range of national and international clients in industries which include oil & gas, power, marine, processing, defence, transport and industrial.

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