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Shock & Impact Testing

Shock and Impact Testing
Shock and impact testing is used to confirm that structures are capable of withstanding extreme dynamic events which could occur in-service.

Many engineering companies require support to assess customer specifications/national or international standards and identify the optimum approach to adopt to confirm that their structure complies with the shock or impact requirements.

Eatec specialises in assisting companies in undertaking shock and impact testing and obtaining test results to check compliance with the design requirements.

The services Eatec provides include:

  • Review of shock or impact standards/specifications
  • Configure tests, including fixture design where required
  • Advise and identify/recommend appropriate test houses to undertake the shock or impact tests
  • Specify and supply/install instrumentation
  • Liaise with test house and oversee testing
  • Measure the response of the structure to the shock or impact and post-process the test results
  • Liaise with the client’s customer regarding the shock or impact testing

Eatec has been involved with shock and impact testing for over 30 years, and during this period has assisted many large and small national and international companies in a range of industries which include oil & gas, defence, marine, and rail.

  • Projects undertaken include:
  • Impact testing of a radar unit
  • Shock testing of rail equipment
  • Underwater shock loading of valves and piping systems
  • Electronics cabinets under shock loads
  • Downhole tools for the oil & gas industry

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