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Signal Processing

Signal Processing

Capturing data from an array of sensors is only the first stage in carrying out engineering tests.  To fully extract the information contained in the signals usually requires some form of signal processing.  Eatec can help you by developing tools for understanding and reporting of relevant information contained within the test data.   

Common techniques include:

  • Data reduction:  averaging, rms, trends, peaks
  • Spectral processing: FFT, PSD, FRF, transfer functions, auto spectra, cross spectra
  • Digital filtering:  FIR, IIR, frequency or time domains
  • Feature recognition: correlation, convolution
  • Standardised processing: noise and vibration weighting, exposure values
  • Modal analysis: natural frequency and mode shape identification extraction of damping values
  • Operational shapes: frequency dependent deformations under operating loads

Eatec will make use of appropriate computer languages or existing software tools to suit your individual requirements:

  • .NET Framework
  • Labview
  • Matlab
  • Simulink

Even after processing, multi-channel dynamic data can be complex to interpret.  Eatec can develop visualisation tools for you to present large volumes of test output in a presentation format that you find most meaningful.

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