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Simulation Software

Simulation Software

Eatec works with you to develop simulation software for modelling the physics of engineering processes. Our bespoke tools provide solutions for your complex engineering challenges.

Your modelling and simulation requirements might not be handled efficiently by standard products. Eatec can build bespoke software solutions that match your needs and that range from simple macros to complete applications.

Eatec has the research and technological expertise to analyse your particular problem so that the physics can be understood in order to develop simulation or modelling software.

Examples of bespoke engineering simulation and modelling software projects which have been undertaken include:

  • Prediction of the performance of drill bit designs for the oil and gas industry
  • Prediction of the performance of a sea plough
  • Rubber property predictor
  • Prediction of loads induced in submerged cables
  • Rock strength analysis and well planning tool
  • Drive shaft vibration analysis package
  • Hydraulic steering device simulator

Eatec has expertise in Excel, Mathcad, MATLAB, Microsoft .NET Framework, Direct X, Fortran, C, C++, and CUDA programming. Eatec has over 30 years’ experience of providing simulation consultancy services to a wide range of national and international clients in industries which include oil & gas, nuclear, defence, marine, processing and rail.

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