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Stress Analysis (FEA)

Stress Analysis (FEA)
In the case of relatively complex structures or loading conditions, the correct use of FEA provides stress results which are much more accurate than can be achieved using hand calculations. In addition, non-linearities due to contacting surfaces, yielding or geometric changes can be represented in the analyses, leading to results which are more reliable.

Due to increasing commercial and regulatory pressure, there is a growing need for FEA to be used to confirm that designs comply with customer specifications or national/international standards, and to ensure that the structure has not been over-engineered and hence more expensive to manufacture than is necessary.

In some projects, the finite element stress analysis identifies that the proposed design does not provide the required performance or can be improved to reduce the cost of manufacturing. In these instances, Eatec works with the client to optimise the design in order that it complies with the requirements, or uses material in the most efficient way.

Eatec undertakes the full range of finite element stress analyses, from the most challenging highly complex problems through to simple linear studies.

The analysis work is performed using the finite element solver Abaqus, which is recognised as being a world leader, particularly with respect to non-linear analyses.

Eatec has over 30 years experience of providing finite element analysis (FEA) consultancy services to a wide range of national and international clients in industries which include oil & gas, power, marine, processing, defence, transport and industrial.

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