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Task Automation

Task Automation

Increase productivity and accuracy by automating repetitive tasks. Eatec works closely with you to provide task automation tools which fit your requirements. Some examples of such tasks are:

  • Re-formatting of data from one proprietary file type to another
  • Automatic spreadsheet processing
  • Custom reporting of text, statistics and images
  • Batch processing
  • Bespoke visualisation plots for several data sets
  • Data analysis
  • Filtering and searching scientific and engineering data stored in a database

Some examples of projects which Eatec has completed are:

  • Interrogation and processing of finite element analysis results from an Abaqus odb file to Matlab mat file format
  • Output of down-hole drilling data to Excel from a bespoke user interface (UI)
  • Automatic upload of CAD data to a database, which is then used by designers in a bespoke finite element application
  • Generation of pdf report files from simulation data stored in a standalone database

A number of the other services which Eatec provides also fall under the banner of task automation. These are Database Applications, Reporting and Data Analysis. For more details on these services, please select the relevant link on the left-hand panel.

Eatec has task automation expertise using:

  • VB.NET and VBA
  • Fortran
  • Excel
  • Python
  • Matlab

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