Eatec Engineering Analysis

About Us

Eatec Engineering Analysis specialises in providing analysis and assessment services to clients who are engaged in the development of new products, enhancement of existing products or the resolution of engineering issues.

Most of the projects we undertake require the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We have been providing high quality FEA services for in excess of 30 years, and during this time have developed long-term relationships with many clients.

We have extensive experience of performing a wide range of FE analyses, including stress, fatigue life, modal, vibration, thermal, heat transfer, impact and shock, failure analyses, fluid flow, and structural/fluid interaction.

Using our wealth of experience, we ensure that each project is performed in the most efficient manner, and provides the required results to the level of accuracy which is needed.

We undertake projects for clients who range from small local companies to large multi-national organisations. Our clients operate in a range of industries, which include oil & gas, power, marine, processing, defence, transport and industrial.

Eatec has been working in the finite element consultancy business since the 1980’s and in 2015 joined Strategic Simulation and Analysis Ltd to expand and enhance their consultancy operation. Further details of SSA can be found following this link.

SSA’s QA systems have been certified to ISO9001

Eatec Engineering Analysis is based in North Bristol.