Eatec Engineering Analysis

Case Studies

Analytical Support for the Re-Opened Formal Investigation into the Loss of the MV DerbyshireMV Derbyshire

Following a detailed underwater survey of the MV Derbyshire, the Formal Inquiry in to the loss of the ship was re-opened, and a number of scenarios leading to the loss of the ship were proposed.

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Failure Analysis of a Quarry Screen quarry scene

A quarry screen which is used to sort crushed rock started to crack soon after entering service. By measuring the motions of the corners of the screen, it was possible to identify that the first torsional mode of the screen was being excited by the drive mechanism.

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Design Assessment of a Train Bearing Housing train bearing

An assessment of a bearing housing for use on a rail vehicle was performed to determine if the design had sufficient strength and an infinite fatigue life. Optimization of the design was undertaken to achieve the required fatigue life.

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Process Industry Equipment Failure failure

Following the failure of the drum head of a Through Air Dryer, resulting in the complete shut-down of a paper mill, Eatec undertook an assessment to determine whether further failures of the assembly were likely.

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