Eatec Engineering Analysis

Heat Transfer Analysis

Heat transfer is of considerable interest for many designers and engineers who need to address issues relating to heating, cooling or insulating.

In these instances, the requirements of an analysis are generally:

  • To predict heat transfer rates or characteristicsthermal-analysis
  • To determine steady state or transient temperature levels and distributions throughout a component or assembly (see Thermal Analysis page)
  • To determine the maximum or minimum temperatures occurring within an assembly or a structure

The form of heat transfer calculation which is required is generally dependent upon the following:

  • Level of accuracy required
  • Complexity of the geometry of the component or assembly
  • Complexity of the thermal loading and heat transfer paths

Many heat transfer projects are performed by Eatec Engineering Analysis using finite element analysis (FEA) or computational fluid dynamics (CFD), but hand calculations are also performed where this is appropriate.

In some projects, the heat transfer analysis identifies that the design does not provide the required performance. In these instances, where required, Eatec Engineering Analysis works with the client to optimise the design in order that it complies with the requirements.